Roof Inspections Can Prevent Major Repair Costs For Toronto Homeowners

Sometimes, homeowners will adopt the mindset that corrective actions or upgrades in or around their home should only be done when that particular item or feature is clearly in need of repair or replacement. Unfortunately, if/when such an approach is applied to the roof, it could lead to significant and unnecessary repair costs for Toronto…

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Do Not Overreact By Fully Replacing Your Commercial Roof When Issues Arise

As a business owner or a commercial property owner in Toronto, your operating budget undoubtedly addresses monthly expenses including but not limited to: Utilities Maintenance Insurance Payroll Regrettably, bigger-ticket expenses, such as roof replacement or restoration services, are generally not part of the monthly expense plan and, as a result, they can certainly have a…

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The Effects Of Freeze-And-Thaw Cycles That Can Result In Roof Repair Costs

Winter weather and the roof of your residential or commercial property are not the best of friends. In fact, the cold, snow, and ice this past winter in Toronto has undoubtedly strained this ‘relationship’ even further, as many homeowners and business owners are likely facing roof repair costs this spring. As soon as a roof is…

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Hiring A Toronto Roofing Contractor Needs An Upfront Investment Of Your Time

When your roof needs replacement, it would be in your best interests to compare quotes from different roofing contractors to ensure that you hire the firm that most suitably addresses both your roofing needs and your budget. Since you will be making a significant dollar investment in your residential or commercial property, devoting time to thoroughly…

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Diligent Roof Inspection And Maintenance Is An Integral Part Of Owning A Home

Customarily, the roof is the most non-descript part of a home or business. The property owner simply expects the roof to do its job – protect the occupants and their assets (the structure and contents). As a result, regular roof inspections is either sporadic at best or neglected entirely. Unfortunately, this type of complacency can lead to…

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Determining The Cost Of Roof Installation And Replacements In Toronto

Influenced By Several Factors Whether your requirement is for commercial or residential roofing, the cost of roof installation will depend on a number of individual factors specific to your needs and preferences. These factors can be divided into three general categories: The type of roofing material you choose The time/amount of labour involved based on…

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Ronald McDonald House Expansion Provides More Support For Families

May 31, 2011 – Samartan Magazine – The first Ronald McDonald House to open outside the United States was in Toronto in 1981 on Gerard Street. That will close when the new $32.5 million building, currently under construction on McCaul Street, open its doors in November. Read The Full Story Here >>

Prime Minister Kickstarts The Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit Project

Aug 17 2010 – The Toronto Star – The city’s long-awaited Bus Rapid Transit is a $249 million project that will ease commuter congestion across the western GTA. The BRT, expected to be complete by 2013, is a dedicated bus corridor that will run parallel to Hwy. 403, East gate Parkway and Eglinton Ave., from…

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PCL Crews Work Out At Queen’s Centre Project In Kingston

June 26, 2010 – Daily Commercial News – General contractor PCL Constructors Canada Inc. began the Queen’s Centre Phase 1 project in March 2007. Completion has been scheduled for September 2009. The four-storey facility will feature an aquatic centre, varsity gymnasium, fitness and weight centre and additional classrooms and lecture theatres. Read Full Story >>

Sherbourne Commons Is The New Four-Acre Waterfront Park In The GTA

Wed Jun 16 2010 – The Toronto Star – As we transform East Bayfront from industrial, underutilized lands into one of Canada’s most sustainable and technologically advanced communities, the name Sherbourne Commons will serve as a continual reminder that the waterfront is first and foremost about the people who will use it. Read Full Story…

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