10 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Company in Toronto and Calgary

Find the Right Company for Your Roof Restoration or Repairs

There is a reason you turn to professionals when it comes to roof repairs and other important structural work around the home: knowledge and experience. That does not mean you should take a hands off approach when it comes to finding the right roofing company, though. Asking a few questions before getting roof repairs completed will help you understand the process and give you confidence in the roofers you have hired.

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Handy Checklist of Questions to Ask Before Your Roof Repairs

A little research and understanding can go a long way towards getting reliable results. Inquire with your Roofing Company about the following practices to give you peace of mind:

  • Will the old roof be removed? – It is a quicker fix to shingle over an existing roof. The duration of work is shorter, but the lifespan of your new roof will likely be shorter as well. Make sure that the roofers will completely remove existing shingles and start fresh so that soft spots and other issues can be identified and repaired.
  • Will metal edge or drip be installed? – These aluminum pieces will direct water, snow, and other debris into your eavestroughs and limit the risk of water damage. They also extend the life of your soffits, decking, and fascia, so it is important to confirm that they are being installed.
  • Will new or used flashing be used? – Old flashings are a lot easier for roofers to leave in place. On the other hand, new flashings are a lot more durable and will be built to fit your new shingles. For that reason, they are definitely recommended for homeowners who want to avoid roof repair costs in the future.
  • How many nails will be used? – You should inquire about how many nails per shingle will be used to secure it in place. Four is standard and six is recommended for steep or uniquely shaped roofs.
  • Will shingles be woven or will steel be used in the valleys? – If your roofer does not mention metal but steers you towards weaving shingles, it is not in your best interest and they may not be the right roofing company. Metal is more durable and, as a bonus, it is also more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Will the shingles overhang? – The ideal overhang falls between 6mm and 2cm. Overhang larger than 2.5cm is not recommended, as it makes the edges more susceptible to damage. Less than 6mm can leave your home vulnerable to water damage and leaks.
  • How will shingles be cut? – Estimation is not a good idea when it comes to cutting Shingles. They need to align evenly and precisely to keep your home sealed and protected. A straight blade or hook blade should be used for optimal results.
  • What eavestrough protection will be used? – You don’t want to schedule roof restoration only to have to book eavestrough repairs in the following weeks. Ask what protective measures will be put in place while work is being completed.
  • How much will plywood cost? – Construction jobs of any kind can expose unexpected problems. If soft decking or rotten spots are discovered, your roofer will replace them. Clarify that cost beforehand so that you are not faced with a huge bill.
  • What can you expect at the end of the day? – You don’t want to sleep under the stars when you return home. Inquire about how your home, the jobsite will be left at the end of each day. Ask about the roof, tarping, and the surrounding property. The lawn and driveway should be cleaned up properly to limit risks.

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