Safety Is Our Top Priority

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At Triumph, safety is always our top priority; a mindset that separates us from the competition.

Since our beginnings, we have set the bar considerably higher than the standards set forth by Provincial and Federal regulatory bodies. Our in-house Health & Safety team ensures that every precaution is taken in advance, to protect our crews, team members, and most importantly our customers. Our teams must attend and successfully complete our regular, in-house Health and Safety training programs, designed to exceed best practices and standards. Furthermore, Triumph conducts site inspections to guarantee that our employees work in the safest environments possible. We take responsibility of our actions and take the necessary actions to enforce proper compliance with our safety policies.

Triumph is in compliance in in good standing with: WHMIS, Propane and Fall Arrest, First Aid and Emergency Response training are just a few of the mandatory areas our employees are trained in. All Triumph employees are certified for work in any environment required by the client, making Triumph your number one choice for a safe and reliable job.

It is a responsibility of each employee, and Triumph on the whole, to adhere to our Corporate Health and Safety Policy and Program and to Ontario’s Occupational Health and the Safety Act of Ontario and its regulations.

Safety is everyone’s business, and we expect everyone to work together as a team to maintain and improve our safe working environment.

To find more information about our safety policies and training, please contact our safety department below:

Health & Safety Department
Ken Antunes
416.534.8877 Ext.267
[email protected]