Protecting Our Environment

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Whatever the project, Triumph strives to ensure that all the way through construction and completion, we are adhering to the best practices when it comes to the use of products and the disposal of waste.

As a LEED Certified contractor, we follow all regulations when it comes to the disposal of potentially hazardous waste, and recycle any and all materials. We meet and exceed the recommendations and regulations put forth by the Government because we recognize the importance of protecting our environment now…and for future generations.

Sustainable Products

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) may be able to assist with meeting the requirements for a LEED Certification. Aluminum composite panels can be calculated in LEED credits for Recycled Materials (10% or 20% recycled content) as well as Regional Materials credits.

These are the credits that aluminum panels can help qualifies for:

  • Credit 4.1 Recycled Content (10%)
  • Credit 4.2 Recycled Content (20%)
  • Credit 5.1 Regional Materials: 10% Extracted Processed & Manufactured Regionally
  • Credit 5.2 Regional Materials: 20% Extracted Processed & Manufactured Regionally

Aluminum Composite Panels can help to reduce the buildings interior temperatures. Using ACP can also potentially reduce heat island effects within the area, which can help the entire community. ACPs are manufactured in the U.S or Canada which would allow the companies ACP’s to be considered for Regional Materials Credits in LEED if within 500 mile radius of the manufacturing facility.

Some aluminum composite panel systems boast a recycled content of approximately 30% or greater (post and pre consumer calculated total). In LEED, a combination of post-consumer and pre-consumed recycled content is stipulated. Also, aluminum can typically be recycled itself, so the materials that are used in the ACP can be reused once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle.