Calgary Roofers Will Be In Demand To Inspect And Repair Hail Damage

Calgary Roof RepairThe ferocity of natural, or perhaps unnatural, weather occurrences was seen in full force when major hail storms struck the city of Airdrie, Alberta on consecutive days in August 2014. Airdrie, located just north of Calgary, was in the midst of clean-up activities from a previous hail storm in mid-July when the city and its residents were subjected to the damaging effects of the August tempests.

Eyewitness reports and photos attested to hail stones larger than golf balls pelting the city during the August storms. At least 75% of all neighbourhoods in Airdrie experienced the wrath of these hail stones, with the resultant property damage primarily affecting:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Vehicles

Damage was estimated at a minimum of $25 million and may be as high as $100 million when all claims are ultimately finalized and processed. In many instances, vehicles were actually being written off as appraised repair costs were in excess of the value of these vehicles. With respect to the damage to residential properties, the average repair bills were estimated at $12,000. As a result of the sheer number and the overall value of all insurance claims, it is felt that home insurance premiums may rise by as much as 20%.

The extent of the property damage will also mean that roofing contractors in Calgary will be in high demand throughout the fall to ensure that inspections and/or repairs are completed prior to the arrival of the winter weather.

Unfortunately, there could also be increased activity by so-called opportunistic roofers. These are very often unlicensed contractors who prey upon the emotions of affected homeowners by offering immediate or on-the-spot roof repair services by the good fortune of we-happen-to-be-working-in-your-neighbourhood or by door-to-door canvasing.

Therefore, despite the appeal, expediency, and potential cost savings of these types of offers, homeowners should only consider the services of licensed and reputable roofers, such as Triumph Roofing, in order to ensure the following:

  • Compliance with homeowner insurance policies/claims
  • Thorough and knowledgeable inspection of all damage
  • The use of quality roofing materials (per all warranties)
  • Liability coverage and workers compensation insurance
  • Guaranteed and warrantied workmanship

The hail storms in Airdrie caused extensive roofing damage that needs to be repaired in an expert and thorough manner by licensed roofing contractors in Calgary. There has already been enough damage by these forces of nature – homeowners in this area should not risk further and unwarranted damage and/or costs by accepting the offers of opportunistic contractors.

Calgary Roofing Contractors Can Provide Critical Pre-Winter Inspection Service

It is highly recommended that roof inspections and maintenance should be performed on an annual (fall) or semi-annual (spring and fall) basis to identify and address potential issues before emergency repair services and unnecessary costs are required and incurred respectively. In light of the hail storm damage in Airdrie last summer, a fall inspection by qualified roofers, like Triumph Roofing, should essentially be non-negotiable for all homeowners.

Even though some of the roofing (and siding) damage might be readily apparent, there could be underlying damage, either from the storms or pre-existing, that may result in more significant issues over the winter if left unattended. The cost of roof inspections by certified roofing contractors will far outweigh the unexpected costs and inconvenience of roof repairs during the winter months and/or a potential full replacement at a later date.

Protect your family and your property before an emergency happens. Call the expert roofers at Triumph Roofing today at 403-452-4114 or 403-371-1353 or contact us to schedule your pre-winter inspection as soon as possible.

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