Calgary Roofing Companies Can Install Green Flat Roofing And Solar Roofing

With the proliferation of eco-friendly or environmentally-conscious initiatives worldwide, many Calgary homeowners and business owners have started to consider how they can contribute to these global undertakings at the local level. One such area for reflection as well as activity has been the installation of solar or green flat roofing in their homes and businesses.

Calgary roofing companies have been engaged to install green flat roofing primarily for commercial properties, while these same roofing contractors have been installing solar panels for both residential and commercial clients.

In relation to green flat roofing, the fundamental concept usually includes a vegetative cover planted over an impervious or waterproof membrane. There are a few variations or iterations of this theme that can be assessed and compared in your consultations with respect to:

  • Overall depth
  • Visual appeal
  • Types of plants/vegetation
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Installation costs

More specifically, the common choices for green flat roofing include:

Extensive Green Roofs

  • Depth – 3 to 5 inches
  • Vegetation – primarily mosses and herbs
  • Maintenance – low
  • Cost – low

Intensive Green Roofs

  • Depth – 5 to 7 inches
  • Vegetation – some perennials, ornamental grasses, herbs, small shrubs
  • Maintenance – moderate
  • Cost – moderate

Semi-intensive Green Roofs

  • Depth – 7 to 24 inches
  • Vegetation – perennials, shrubs and trees, lawns, putting greens
  • Maintenance – high
  • Cost – high

Turning the discussion over to solar roofing, roofing companies in Calgary can facilitate this option on any flat or sloped surface, either residential or commercial, preferably with a southern exposure. Within this sector, your contractor can install:

Solar panels

  • To produce clean and renewable energy using the sun’s rays/radiation
  • To reduce overall energy costs (hydro, heating)
  • To fulfill electrical/electronic needs without actually using electricity

Thermal panels

  • To produce hot water for the home, office, or swimming pool
  • To reduce energy costs (less natural gas for heating purposes)

To convert your current residential or commercial roofing to environmentally-conscious or eco-friendly solar or green flat roofing, consider the expertise of Triumph Roofing, one of the leading Calgary roofing companies.

Choose A Roofing Contractor With Experience In Green Roof Installation

Green flat roofing/solar roofing offer the unique combination of eco-friendliness and aesthetic appeal for any residential or commercial property. To effectively achieve this delicate balance between functionality and charm, property owners need to be certain that their choice of roofing contractors has the necessary blend of installation expertise and experience.

Over the past 25 years, Triumph Roofing has been consistently recognized as a leading roofing contractor in Southern Ontario, satisfying the requirements of both residential and commercial clients, including the installation of green flat roofing and solar roofing. Triumph Roofing expanded its operations to Calgary in 2009, and since that time has effectively established our reputation among local roofing companies through our superior service and workmanship.

With specific reference to solar and/or green flat roofing, Triumph has that necessary blend of expertise and experience to satisfy its clients in any or all of the following ways:

  • Installation of extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive green flat roofing
  • Installation of solar panels and thermal panels
  • Design consultation and product recommendations
  • Warranty services
  • Maintenance service
  • State-of-the-art technology

For all of your roofing needs, including your green roofing initiatives, call the expert contractors at Triumph Roofing at 403-452-4114 or 403-371-1353 or contact us to request your free estimate.

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