Caring for Your Roof Over the Winter

Avoid Safety Risks by Hiring Trained Contractors for Winter Roofing Care Needs

House with Ice DamAt any time of year, and particularly throughout the depths of winter, homeowners can be secure in the knowledge that their roof will capably protect their families and property from the effects of inclement weather.  There is a comforting feeling to sitting in front of a dry, temperature-controlled environment while the roof is quietly doing its appointed job overhead.

In fact, it is a fair assumption that the majority of homeowners, when pressed, will likely admit that they give very little thought to what the roof is doing while their family enjoys the safety and shelter below.  But this can be a slippery slope, so to speak; neglecting to care for the roof during the winter can have an adverse effect on its overall performance.

It is of course strongly recommended that a roof be routinely maintained throughout the year, including the following actions that can be performed either by the homeowner or by professional roofing contractors such as Triumph Roofing:

  • Regularly cleaning out the gutters
  • Annual or semi-annual roof inspections
  • Promptly addressing any/all requisite repairs

However, winter weather conditions and their aftermath can be uniquely severe, and as a result, it is highly advisable that homeowners be hypervigilant in relation to preventing roof damage during this season.  Some of the preventative steps that should be included as part of caring for a roof throughout the winter consist of the following:

  • Performing a comprehensive inspection of the attic insulation and the attic ventilation
  • Avoiding heavy accumulations of snow – removed with a specially-designed roof rake
  • Habitually inspecting for and removing ice dams (often identified via icicle formation)
  • Pruning/trimming back tree branches that might be hanging perilously over the roof
  • Confirming that wind-blown debris is not obstructing gutters, downspouts, vents, etc.

Although caring for the roof should be a non-negotiable aspect of home ownership, it is not to be placed above the safety of the homeowner as it relates to working on a ladder or actually walking around the roof surface.  This is relevant at any time of the year, but particularly so during the winter months, when footholds can be extremely treacherous.

Furthermore, such protective measures as removing ice dams or clearing away excess snow must be performed in appropriate fashion, with proper tools/equipment, to avoid the possibility of inadvertent yet potential serious damage to the roof and/or the gutters.

Consequently, should homeowners identify issues or have concerns with their roof over the winter, they may want to consider the services of a qualified roofing contractor such as Triumph Roofing, one of the leading roofing companies in the Toronto and Calgary areas.  The specialists from Triumph Roofing are fully trained to address roofing issues, especially those created by winter weather conditions, in an effective and safe manner.

Rely On Roofing Companies with Expertise in Performing Winter Roof Repairs

Man using a Roof Rake to remove snow from a roofAlthough it may be particularly inconvenient for homeowners should roof maintenance or repair work be required during the winter, there are no such rules where roof damage is concerned.  Wind and water are two major reasons for the services of roofing companies like Triumph Roofing, and these elements have no respect for when they cause damage.

Under such circumstances, homeowners in Toronto, Calgary, and their respective regions can rely on the expertise of Triumph Roofing to perform any necessary roof repairs in an appropriate fashion; this could include the suggestion/completion of temporary solutions that can minimize immediate homeowner inconvenience during uncomfortable weather conditions yet adequately resolve the issue until more permanent repairs can be done in the spring.

For additional information on the roof repair services offered by Triumph Roofing, one of the leading roofing contractors in Toronto, Calgary and their surrounding areas, please go to our services page.

If you have concerns about your roof this winter, including heavy accumulations of snow and/or ice dam formation, call the roof repair specialists from Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877 in Toronto or 403-452-4114 in Calgary or contact us to schedule a service visit and inspection at your earliest convenience.

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