Green Flat Roofing And Solar Systems

Triumph is devoted to delivering quality products that help reduce the impact on our environment. Triumph takes pride in continuing to advance our practices in order to become more sustainable to our community. The roofing industry has greatly contributed to the growth of sustainable products within buildings. Green Flat Roofs have become recognized for being a great accent to any buildings sustainability.

Flat Roofing Calgary

Triumph has stayed ahead of the competition by understanding the importance of all the current green initiatives that can be implemented throughout the building. Buildings account for 30 percent of total energy use and 27 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. As urban centers continue to grow and develop, the benefits of incorporating these systems into new and existing buildings are abundantly clear.

As founding members of “Green Flat Roofs for Healthy Cities”, we have the expertise and experience to take care of any of your flat roofing system:

  • Installation and warranty
  • Technology and product recommendations
  • Design assistance
  • Intensive and extensive systems
  • Service and maintenance
  • LEED credit compliance

Cool Roofs

Cool Roofing

Most Cool Roofs are usually white due to its high solar reflectance and high thermal admittance. Cool roofs can reduce the heating costs by lowering the overall temperature of the entire building. In the heat of the full sun, the surface of a black roof can increase in temperature as much as 50 °C (122 °F), reaching temperatures of 70 to 90 °C (150-190 °F).These types of roof are also very durable which sequentially increases the roof lifespan dramatically. A cool roof can potentially reflect 80 percent of the sun’s rays and emit at least 70% of the solar radiation that the building absorbs

Vegetative Roofs

Green flat roofs are usually covered with low vegetation planted above a waterproofing membrane.These systems have many benefits for a building and its surroundings. The air quality surrounding the building will improve as because as the plants absorb and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Another advantage of having a green flat roof is that it helps to insulate a building for sound. The soil and plants block the higher sound frequencies from entering in resulting in a more comfortable interior environment. The financial benefits are also very evident as the real estate value and roof life span both increase.

Solar Panels

With solar panels, we are producing clean and renewable energy from the sun. The solar panels produce electricity by converting the sun`s radiation into direct energy. Solar cells are installed usually on the south facing side of the building to maximize on the flow of electrons from the suns radiation waves. Studies have shown that solar panels can result in great savings in energy costs in the future. They can power all types of electronic equipment throughout the day without the expensive cost to produce electricity. With fossil fuels becoming more limited and to be expected to run dry within the next century, renewable energy such as solar panels will be the future to come.
Solar Project Inauguration

Triumph offers a variety of other systems in Toronto, Calgary and Eastern Canada. See our other Commercial Flat Roofing systems that are available.