Professional Flat Roofing In Calgary And Toronto

Commonly, on low to high-rise residential buildings, flat roofing is the system of choice for builders. There are many systems that can be used for this type of residential roofing.

Once installed, these systems can last for decades, with regular roof inspections and maintenance.

Built Up Flat Roofing Flat Roofing Calgary Flat Roofing Calgary

Built Up Flat Roofing

Green Flat Roofing

Single Ply Flat Roofing

Most commonly used for low-slope residential roofing. Effectively improves area quality by converting CO2 to oxygen. Consisting only of a single layer of roofing membrane over insulation.

Flat Roofing Calgary

Flat Roofing Calgary

Flat Roofing Calgary

Modified Bitumen


Inverted Roofing

Suitable in environments with heavy rainfall because of its low water absorption levels Adds a natural look and touch of rustic elegance to homes or cottage cabins Triumph offers many important roofing accessories for any residential roof