Determining The Cost Of Roof Installation And Replacements In Toronto

Influenced By Several Factors

Whether your requirement is for commercial or residential roofing, the cost of roof installation will depend on a number of individual factors specific to your needs and preferences. These factors can be divided into three general categories:

  • The type of roofing material you choose
  • The time/amount of labour involved based on the physical structure of the roof
  • Base preparations, structural repairs, and time needed to deal with impediments

For these reasons, it is virtually impossible for any commercial roofing company to provide an accurate quote for a roof installation, even if you provided the dimensions of your roof and the type of material you preferred, without a thorough on-site inspection.

Type Of Roofing Material

In many cases, the type of material that you select for your roofing needs will be based on cost – in such instances, asphalt shingles are the most common and cost-effective choice for roof installations. Depending on budget as well as personal preference, there are several different options for roofing materials, all with varying price points:

  • Asphalt Shingles – Considered as the standard in roofing material
  • Wood Shingles (Shakes) – More costly and labour-intensive than asphalt shingles
  • Metal Roofing – Installation requires special preparation and special tools
  • Slate – A heavier material thereby necessitating extra framing and support
  • Tile (usually clay) – Price will be affected by the type and composition of tile
  • Specialty Material (often for commercial use) – Low water absorption, green roofs

Another point to consider when selecting your roofing material is whether your roof will be visible from the street i.e. curb appeal. From an aesthetic viewpoint, you may prefer to choose a material for your roof installation that reflects a certain aura or ambiance about your home or commercial property.

Roof Shape And Size

Sometimes, construction blueprints are designed for aesthetic appeal without concern or consideration for the costs that will be incurred when the roofing requires installation or replacement.

Size and shape will have a major impact on the cost of roof installations, in relation to the time and labour involved, as well as the type of material chosen:

  • Dimensions – Quotes are often based on surface area (or square footage)
  • Pitch/Slope – Steeper angles/slopes are more difficult, increasing installation time
  • Height – Higher or taller roofs are also more difficult and increase installation time

In addition, despite any personal preferences, certain types of roofing materials may not be appropriate or warranted. Consult with a roof contractor for a professional opinion and advice on this subject.

Preparations, Repairs And Impediments

Roof installation is not as simple as selecting the material and tacking it down to the sub-structure of your roof. There are many secondary elements to consider whenever roofing is installed – these range from base preparations to necessary repairs due to any existing damage to the time and materials required to work around obstacles and impediments.

These secondary elements, obstacles, and impediments include (but are not limited to):

  • Removal and disposal of the existing materials
  • Ensuring that insulation continues to meet building codes
  • Inspection and/or installation of ice and water barriers
  • Structural repairs due to aging, ice/water damage, etc.
  • Installation of new gutters/eaves, fascia, and/or flashing
  • Installing or manoeuvering around skylights or solar panels
  • Appropriate flashing/caulking/boots around chimneys and venting
  • Care and attention given to antennas and satellite dishes

Any and all of the above will add a level of complexity to roof installations – and any degree of complexity will of course add to the cost of materials and installation. Additional costs may be incurred depending on the specific design and type of material chosen for commercial roofing.

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