Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Professional Roof Inspection And Maintenance

Roof Inspection And MaintenanceWhen a vehicle requires service, a car dealership or repair shop will quote a specific rate for labour regardless of the type of vehicle or the extent of the service. When a service call is placed to repair an appliance, the homeowner is often quoted a standard minimum charge for that visit regardless of the appliance in question or the reason that it may be malfunctioning. In contrast, this type of uniform pricing structure may not necessarily apply to the cost of a professional roof inspection.

Although a roof inspection may sound like a simple and straightforward process at first glance, there are in fact several levels of complexity involved in performing a systematic and exhaustive assessment. In turn, the variability of a roof from one structure to the next will directly impact the cost of the inspection.

The first factor that will affect cost of a roof inspection is the type of building or structure.

Therefore, a cost will generally vary based on whether the property is:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Multi-unit (apartments/condos)
  • Industrial

Further to the type of building or structure, other conditions/situations that can influence the cost of a roof inspection consist of the following:

The size or area of the roof

  • Will affect the time needed to conduct an extensive inspection

The pitch or slope of the roof

  • Steeper pitched roofs increase both difficulty and risk factors

Height above ground

  • Pertains to the number of stories in the building/structure
  • Taller structures increase the safety risk for the inspector

Overall roof design

  • Flat versus sloped
  • Number of peaks, valleys, sides, angles, etc.

Number of protrusions and encumbrances/impediments

  • Chimneys, skylights, vents, pipes, antennas, etc.

The type of roofing material

  • Some materials are more fragile/less weight-bearing than others
  • Certain types of flat roof materials are very sensitive to foot traffic
  • Damage can be less apparent from one type of material to another

Safety considerations

  • Includes ease/difficulty of access to roof, gutters, soffits, attic, etc.

While some roofing contractors may offer free or flat-rate roof inspections, these are frequently cursory examinations that identify obvious or apparent areas of roof distress.

To obtain a thorough and comprehensive roof assessment, property owners may want to utilize the professional roof inspection and maintenance services of an experience and certified contractor such as Triumph Roofing.

The Importance Of A Professional Roof Inspection Should Not Be Taken Lightly

It can be quite easy to underestimate or misjudge the importance of a roof inspection. After all, such a cost might not be a top priority on a maintenance list or in a property management budget. However, with respect to a roof inspection, any cost should be considered an investment rather than an expense – an investment that can:

  • Identify a smaller issue before it becomes a significant problem
  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs
  • Prevent lost revenues due to a suspension of business operations
  • Protect family members or employees from inconvenience or injury
  • Provide property owners with peace-of-mind that their roof is sound

Based on the magnitude of the above circumstances, it is likely apparent that a roof inspection, performed on a regular basis, should be of paramount importance, with the cost of such an assessment being somewhat of a non-factor in the decision-making process. A contractor with significant roof inspection experience and expertise, like Triumph Roofing, can conduct such assessments for any size and style of residential or commercial roof and ensure that your property is both well maintained and protected for many years.

Protect your property and contents before you are forced to incur the cost of emergency roof repair services. Call our Toronto roofing contractors at Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877 or contact us to schedule your pre-winter assessment.

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