Fall Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Fall Roof Inspection and Maintenance Can Avert Unnecessary Roof Repair Bills

Despite the exceptional weather experienced in many parts of this country over the past summer, living in Canada means that winter’s inevitable return is just a short time away.  For Residents of Calgary and Toronto, this drastic change in weather conditions may elicit comparisons of the two seasons in terms of:

  • Duration
  • Temperature swings
  • Amount of precipitation

Fortunately, the fall months act as a buffer between the extremes of summer and winter, giving homeowners sufficient time and opportunity to winterize their homes/properties as well.  Such activities may include closing their pool, applying lawn fertilizer, booking a furnace cleaning, and moving the snow blower to a more convenient place in the garage.

However, amid all of these preparations, one critically important measure that should sit high on any list is a fall roof inspection.  Roof inspections are habitually neglected within many home maintenance practices, yet these assessments can help identify roof-related issues that could become problematic for homeowners during the winter, not to mention rather expensive and highly inconvenient at the coldest time of the year.

A fall roof inspection can determine whether the integrity of a roof, and the protection of family members and personal property, might be compromised by any of the following:

  • Water penetration/leaks
  • Shingle age/degranulation
  • Cracked or withered caulking
  • Broken, loose, missing shingles
  • Nails protruding from the shingles
  • Rotting roof decking, soffits, fascia
  • Obstructed or faulty eavestroughing
  • Loose or damaged flashing and vents
  • Chimney deterioration (bricks, mortar)

Any of these signs might be indicative of an existing or pending roof leak that should in turn be repaired before it presents a more serious concern to the homeowner. Therefore, homeowners in Calgary and Toronto would be well-advised to invest in a comprehensive fall roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor, such as Triumph Roofing, to assess the probability of a leaking roof and provide ample time for any appropriate maintenance or repair work prior to the arrival of winter.

Please visit our Roof Inspection & Maintenance page  for additional information on the roof inspection and maintenance services provided by the experts at Triumph Roofing.

Fall Roof Inspections May Identify More Problems than Just a Leaking Roof

Roof InspectionIn some cases, a leaking roof may not be the sole extent of the damage identified during an inspection by an experienced roofing contractor such as Triumph Roofing.  In addition to penetrating the roof, water has the capacity to travel and thus find its way into other parts of the home where it can cause significant damage as well.  These areas include:

  • Building foundation
  • Gutters, soffit, fascia
  • Exterior masonry/siding
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Framework of windows and doors

Sometimes, the damage may be readily apparent and its repair, beginning with a leaking roof, can be completed before it affects the structural integrity of the home; regrettably, there may be instances in which the water damage has been undetected for an extended period, resulting in a need for major repairs or full replacement of the roof, gutters, attic insulation, or siding/cladding.

When faced with such challenges, Calgary and Toronto homeowners can rely on the skill and experience of Triumph Roofing to repair or replace the roof or any parts the building envelope in a prompt, efficient, and satisfactory manner.

For more information on the residential roofing services offered by the skilled contractors from Triumph Roofing, go to our Eavestroughing and Asphalt Shingling Page.

To inspect and assess the condition of your roof or building envelope prior to winter, call the experts at Triumph Roofing today at 403-452-4114 in Calgary or 416-534-8877 in Toronto or contact us to schedule a fall roof inspection at your earliest convenience.

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