Flat Roofing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Flat Roofing Errors Can Have Major Consequences For Calgary Property Owners

Flat Roofing In CalgaryWhen patrons see water dripping into buckets strategically placed about the floor while walking through a shopping mall, big-box department store, or other type of commercial property in Calgary, they will likely conclude that the roof is leaking. However, a more accurate deduction would be that the flat roof is leaking, since this is the style of roofing most commonly installed for these types of structures.

While somewhat easier to install than pitched roofs, and potentially less expensive also, flat roofing is notorious for developing leaks, primarily due to the nature of its design, but quite often related to poor installation and/or repairs by inexperienced or unqualified roofing contractors. The seasonal weather extremes in Calgary can also wreak havoc on flat roofing throughout the city and surrounding area.

Installing flat roofs require a degree of experience and expertise on the part of the hired contractor. Without this hands-on knowledge and background, Calgary roofing contractors may be prone to the following types of mistakes when installing or repairing flat roofing, which in turn can lead to issues with/damage from water leaks:

  • Poor drainage – insufficient sloping or improper location of drains/downspouts
  • Sloppy installation of flashing – incorrect sealant used or inadequate caulking
  • Excess moisture build-up from a shortage of vents/inadequate cross-ventilation
  • Wrong roof coating applied for the amount of snow/rain/humidity in Calgary
  • Patchwork repairs – addressing symptoms or visible issues versus root causes
  • Sub-standard installation – weak membranes/seams, loose flashing/boots, etc.
  • lack of attention during maintenance – improper methods of snow/ice removal

The consequences of these flat roofing mistakes, specifically the damage resulting from unidentified or unchecked leaks, can be far-reaching for Calgary property owners. Such implications can include:

  • Structural damage or decay
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Personal safety issues
  • Unhealthy work environment
  • Damage to or loss of contents
  • Tarnished image for the business
  • Loss of revenues (temporary closure)
  • Impact on insurance for building/contents
  • Costs for extensive and/or emergency repairs
  • And, in extreme cases, total roof collapse

In order to avoid any of the above repercussions, owners and/or managers of properties in Calgary that have flat roofing would be well-advised to entrust their maintenance or repair needs to qualified roofing contractors like the experts from Triumph Roofing.

Calgary Roofing Contractors With Expertise In Flat Roof Inspections And Repairs

For any structures in Calgary with flat roofing, owners/managers of that property need to be aware that leaks are a probability if not an eventuality. There are, however, steps that can be taken to minimize the likelihood of roof leaks, or delay that inevitability, and avoid considerable and expensive repairs or a total roof replacement.

These fundamental steps include:

  • Performing regular roof inspections
  • Adhering to regular maintenance needs
  • Hiring roofing contractors with extensive flat roof experience

To the latter point, one such contractor in Calgary is Triumph Roofing. Through their well-founded experience/expertise with installing and repairing commercial flat roofing, our contractors will ensure that any and all potential or actual roof leaks are handled thoroughly and appropriately from start to finish by:

  • Identifying possible sources for eventual leaks
  • Investigating/locating root causes of definite leaks
  • Recommending the best actions to resolve such issues
  • Performing the appropriate and agreed-upon repairs
  • Delivering quality workmanship – with quality materials
  • Providing ongoing maintenance as required/requested
  • Offering and honouring applicable warranties

Do you have concerns about potential or actual leaks in your flat roofing due to poor installation or inadequate maintenance by your prior or current roofing contractors? Call our expert roofers at Triumph Roofing in Calgary today at 403-452-4114 or contact us to schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

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