Hiring A Toronto Roofing Contractor Needs An Upfront Investment Of Your Time

When your roof needs replacement, it would be in your best interests to compare quotes from different roofing contractors to ensure that you hire the firm that most suitably addresses both your roofing needs and your budget. Since you will be making a significant dollar investment in your residential or commercial property, devoting time to thoroughly evaluate some roofing contractors would certainly be in order.

In addition to such basic considerations as the type and colour of your roofing materials and the availability of the various roofing contractors to actually do the work, there are several other key elements to contemplate when conducting your assessment. These factors would include:

  • Costs – Materials, labour, and clean-up/disposal
  • Reputation and experience of the contractor
  • Warrantees – At the manufacturer and contractor levels
  • Payment terms – Deposits and balances due

Fundamentally, once you have completed your research and assessment of three to four roofing contractors, you will want to hire a company with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can install your new roof in a way that meets your needs, timing, and budget – and with quality workmanship.

Important Information To Confirm Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

There can be a tendency to hire a roofing contractor too quickly because the roof plays such an essential role in protecting your home or business and you naturally will want to replace it with some urgency. However, a rash decision (such as hiring the first roofing contractor that you contact through a friend or a mailbox flyer) can prove to be an expensive proposition – in both the short-term and the long-term.

A little extra diligence upfront will allow you to make a more informed decision as well as an investment in your property that will pay dividends immediately (quality workmanship at an affordable cost) and in the future (a long-lasting structure that will require little to no maintenance).

Here are some key points to explore/questions to ask in assessing roofing contractors:

  • Reputation – Are they willing to provide references, testimonials, names of previous clients and/or visual evidence (photos or actual addresses) of their work?  
  • Experience – How long have they been serving Toronto and/or Calgary as roofing contractors and do they have particular experience in your market (i.e.: residential or commercial)?
  • Price Quotes – Are roof inspections and quotes/estimates provided free-of-charge?
  • Contracts – Are contracts provided in writing and do they include detailed/itemized costs for all materials to be used, as well as installation plus clean-up and disposal?
  • Warranties – Are such guarantees provided in writing and do they honour/include manufacturer warranties (materials) as well as contractor warranties (installation)?
  • On-Site Crew – What is the experience level of the crew that will replace your roof (own employees, sub-contractors, students) and will there be an on-site supervisor?
  • Workmanship – Will the existing roof be removed and replaced or will it just be left in place and covered with the new roofing materials?
  • Installation Process – How long will the work take to complete and what provisions will be made to cover exposed areas overnight or in the event of inclement weather?
  • Other Materials – Does the contractor install new vents, flashing, boots, gutters etc. or simply reuse the existing materials (and is this noted or reflected in the contract)?
  • Incidental Costs – Will the contractor specify, in the written contract, contingency costs for potential issues that may be encountered during the installation (reinforcing or replacing rotted wood, as an example) and which will only be charged if such work is required and approved?

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is important that you and the contractor have a clear understanding of:

  • The scope of the work that will be done
  • What will not be done unless signed-off/approved by both parties
  • The detailed costs of all materials, labour, taxes, etc.
  • When the work is expected to begin and be completed
  • The amounts and due dates of all payments and balances

Once you are confident and comfortable that both parties are in full agreement with all elements of the project, you are ready to accept and sign the contract and provide your down payment (if stipulated in that contract).

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