How to Avoid Emergency Roof Repairs Over the Winter

Take These Steps to Avoid the Need for Emergency Roof Repairs this Winter

Ice Formation on Rooftops and Gutters in WinterWith the history of especially harsh winters experienced in Calgary and Toronto over the last few years, it is likely that stories abound concerning the need, and associated costs, of emergency roof repairs.  Canadian winters have taken their toll in the vast majority of towns and cities across the country in the past and there is little reason or hope to think that things will change for the coming winter.

Emergency roof repairs are not fun, for want of a better word, at any time of the year but they can be particularly troublesome during the winter months.  To begin with, there is a reason why they are called emergency repairs; some type of damage has occurred that requires immediate attention before it becomes too extensive and it has happened at the least convenient time of the year.  Furthermore, this is not a planned expense and it could have an impact on the family budget.

Although homeowners have no control over the weather, they do have some control with respect to preventing or minimizing the roof damage that can result from winter storms.  Here are some important steps/actions that Calgary and Toronto homeowners can take to help avoid the need for emergency roof repair service throughout the coming winter:

  • Ensure that all eavestroughs are clean and clear of any debris
  • Check all downspouts for alignment with cut-outs in the gutters
  • Inspect shingles for missing sections, chips, cracks, or bubbling
  • Make sure that caulking around chimneys and skylights is intact
  • Remove any debris that is blocking air intake or exhaust venting
  • Examine attic insulation and rafters for signs of water penetration
  • Visually/manually inspect roof, soffits, fascia for signs of mold/rot

In principle, the above actions constitute the framework of a pre-winter roof inspection.  Such inspections can certainly be performed by homeowners themselves, although there could be a large number of these individuals who, for safety reasons or perhaps just for peace-of-mind, would prefer to have this done by a licensed roofing contractor.  In these circumstances, homeowners in Calgary and Toronto can rely on the experience and the expertise of Triumph Roofing.

For those who are inclined to perform their own roof inspections, they may also have the motivation to handle some of the minor yet readily apparent roof repair needs that are identified as a result of their examinations.  With the intention once again to escape the prospect of emergency roof repairs over the winter, the issues below can be temporarily addressed by homeowners until Triumph Roofing can complete more appropriate repairs at a later date.

For small sections of missing, loose, or damaged shingles:

Wrap the edge of a plastic tarp around an equivalent length of 2”x4” and secure this to the roof with 3-inch nails.  Cover the exposed or damaged area with the rest of the tarp.  Fasten the opposite end of the tarp in the same wrap-and-nail manner as the first edge.  Tack down the open edges with roofing nails and weigh down the tarp with bricks/blocks.

For small and/or isolated leaks:

Cover the hole or damaged area with a small section of sheet metal.  Fasten it in place with a good amount roofing nails then seal around all four sides/edges with caulking.

It bears repeating that these would be temporary or short-term fixes only and that more permanent repairs will ultimately be required.  However, by taking such actions, those subsequent repairs could be less expensive than the cost of any roof repairs/replacement that might result from taking no action at all.

Comprehensive Emergency Roof Repair Process for Calgary and Toronto Homes

Visible Damage to Rooftops in WinterEmergency roof repairs, whether done by do-it-yourself homeowners or licensed roofers, can help prevent more extensive damage to the interior and exterior of a home until the roof can be repaired in a more satisfactory manner.  Triumph Roofing has a professional service expert on standby 24/7 for just these types of situations.

The Triumph Roofing emergency response process includes the following services:

  • Staff dispatched to the location as soon as possible
  • Identification of damaged areas/sources of the damage
  • Temporary roof repairs to ensure occupant health/safety
  • Full documentation and digital photographs of all damage
  • Recommended and prioritized repair needs based on severity
  • A written outline of all costs associated with doing these repairs

If you would like a pre-winter roof inspection or require immediate roof repair service before the onset of winter, call the roof repair professionals from Triumph Roofing today at 416-700-9658 in Toronto or 403-371-1353 in Calgary to schedule a service visit at your earliest convenience.

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