New Green Roof Initiative for Toronto Transit Commission Ashbridges Bay Facility Plant

TTC Ashbridges Bay Facility to Have Largest Green Roof of Its Kind in Ontario

Green Roofing in TorontoThe City of Toronto has made a strong and concerted effort over the past few decades to become more eco-conscious and more attentive to protecting its local environment.  One of the primary initiatives has been an emphasis on conversion of underutilized or unused rooftop space to green roofing; and as a matter of fact, Toronto was recognized as one of the top five markets in North America in 2014 for its green roof conversion rate.

Triumph Roofing Inc - Green RoofingIn the simplest terms, green roofs are principally rooftop gardens created on buildings or structures that have flat roofs, such as high-rise residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties.  Sometimes called a living roof, green roofing entails the planting of vegetation in a growing medium, all sitting atop a waterproof membrane.

Toronto Green RoofOf course, green roofs are somewhat more sophisticated and complex in nature than this bare-bones definition, perhaps none more so than a major initiative being undertaken by the green roof specialists at Triumph Roofing in Toronto; the installation of a sustainable green roof at the Toronto Transit Commission Ashbridges Bay Facility plant located in the city’s downtown area.

Preparing for Green RoofConsidered to be the largest green roof of its kind in the province of Ontario, this project includes the roofs of three buildings and will need an estimated three years to complete.  It will be integrated with a complete roofing system developed by architects from AECOM in close collaboration with Triumph Roofing’s green roof expertise.

Construction of the complete roofing system will require a wide selection of materials in varying quantities, including but not limited to:

  • Waterproof membranes
  • Bio-based roofing materials
  • Tapered insulation (for drainage purposes)
  • Unistrut walkways (to avert rooftop damage)
  • Pavers and ballast stone, wood, and wire mesh

Upon its completion of this green roof, the following warranties will take effect:

  • 5 years – Planting
  • 5 years – Irrigation
  • 2 years – CRCA (Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association)
  • 2 years – OIRCA (Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association)

Green Roofs Offer a Substantial Number of Ecological and Economic Benefits

There are many accepted benefits in relation to the installation of green roofing on a new or existing building; these paybacks, in a manner of speaking, are realized through their positive environmental impact as well as in direct financial terms/returns.

A cross-section of such benefits would consist of the following:

  • Ecological Benefits
    • Improvement in overall air quality
    • Management of storm water run-off
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Temperature moderation/less urban heat
    • Sound absorption/reduced noise pollution
  • Economic Benefits
    • Natural insulation – lower heating/cooling costs
    • Higher property values (due to energy efficiency)
    • Greater curb appeal/allure for commercial interests
    • Extended lifecycles for heating and cooling equipment
    • Longer lifespan for roof materials (return on investment)

To capitalize on these benefits to their fullest extent, any green roof installations should be entrusted to professionals such as the team from Triumph Roofing.  As a testament to their skills and experience, one needs to look no further than Triumph Roofing’s selection as the green roof contractor for the Toronto Transit Commission Ashbridges Bay Facility plant initiative detailed above.

In addition to its green roofing projects, Triumph Roofing is fully committed to protecting the environment through the maintenance of such practices as:

  • Using sustainable products whenever possible
  • Adherence to disposal regulations for hazardous waste
  • Waste reduction through recycling or re-use of materials

For additional information the installation of green roofing by Triumph Roofing in Toronto please go to our Green Roofing Page.

Property owners/managers with an interest in green roofing initiatives for their buildings would be well-advised to call the experienced professionals from Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877 or to Contact us to discuss how we may collaborate on bringing such interests to fruition.

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