Pre-Winter Roofing Inspection

Pre-Winter Roof Inspection and Maintenance Can Protect Home and Family

Home inspector on a roof examining a residential skylightWith the calendar year about to enter its final month, it will not be long before the roofs and properties of Toronto homes and businesses are covered with snow.  Consequently, over the last few weeks, area homeowners and property owners or managers have been busily preparing for the eventuality of winter, and its weather, through such activities as furnace maintenance, snow blower tune-ups, and vehicle servicing/snow tire installation.

Many of these undertakings are directed at ensuring personal comfort and safety during the winter season; the cold winds and blowing snow can be harsh enough without having to deal with heat loss in the home or office, or injuries from a fall or a car accident too.  And while such precautions are certainly advisable, perhaps even non-negotiable, there is one facet of home and property winterization that is frequently overlooked – the roof.

Although there may be no apparent cause for concern, such as observable leaks/damage or signs of distress, there are several dynamics that can conspire to negatively influence the performance and reliability of a roof.  These would consist of:

  • Age
  • Exposure to weather
    • Heavy/torrential rains
    • Hail and/or wind storms
    • Direct sunlight/extreme heat
  • Moisture penetration
  • Foot traffic (flat roofing)
  • Expansion and contraction
  • Ineffective attic ventilation
  • Damage from wind-blown debris
  • Mold/mildew growth (in shaded areas)

Therefore, it is particularly important to perform a pre-winter roof inspection prior to the arrival of the snow, ice, high winds, and bitter temperatures.  Taking such a preventative measure can be beneficial from several perspectives:

  • Ensuring the structural integrity of the roof
  • Identifying any needs for immediate repairs
  • Averting more extensive damage/repair costs
  • Negating potential safety issues for the occupants
  • Addressing energy efficiency (to lower heating costs)

Although some homeowners and property owners may be comfortable performing their own roof inspection, there is always the possibility that they might overlook more subtle clues pointing to existing damage or latent issues.  Due to the importance of identifying and addressing any roof maintenance concerns before the winter weather truly sets in, it may be prudent to use a trained roof inspector from Triumph Roofing, one of Toronto’s leading roofing companies.  This option is also highly advisable for any individuals who may be hesitant or squeamish about walking around the surface and the edges of a roof.

A Roof Inspector Can Assess Whether Your Roof Needs Repairs Before Winter

Roofer at workIn a similar vein to other homeownership responsibilities, failure to properly inspect and maintain the roof can result in extensive and expensive repairs and perhaps unnecessary replacement costs.  To this latter point, some experts suggest that a neglected roof may need to be fully replaced at just the half-way mark of its originally-projected service life.

Many of these unnecessary costs or unwarranted actions can be averted through annual (pre-winter) or semi-annual (pre- and post-winter) roof inspections and maintenance.  A roof inspector from Triumph Roofing can assess the state/condition of the following parts of the roof and recommend whether any immediate repairs or replacements are needed:

  • Shingles
  • Soffits/fascia
  • Eavestroughs
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic ventilation
  • Chimneys, skylights
  • Flashing, vents, boots

Call the experts at Triumph Roofing today at 416-785-5129 to schedule a pre-winter inspection with one of our skilled roof inspectors.

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