Pros And Cons Of Roof Repairs During The Winter Months

Roof Repairs CalgaryMuch like the improbability of forecasting a complete series of winning lottery numbers, Calgary homeowners cannot precisely predict or dictate when a roof may need repair. Therefore, although roofing contractors would undoubtedly prefer to ply their trade in warmer/more comfortable working conditions, their services might be required at any time throughout the seasonal weather conditions experienced in Calgary.

Contrary to prevailing myths and misconceptions, the following statements have validity:

  • Roof repair work can be performed during cold Calgary temperatures
  • Roofing contractors in Calgary do make winter repair/maintenance calls
  • Roof repairs in the winter can save money (energy costs, further damage)
  • Roof repairs should be addressed immediately, regardless of the season

While not the most ideal time of year for roof repair work or full-roof replacement, there can be some advantages to having these types of services done in the winter. If there are upsides, there will naturally be some downsides too, so both sides of the equation will need to be considered by homeowners and contractors alike.

Since a large majority of residential roofs in Calgary are comprised of asphalt shingles, comparing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of winter roof repair will be restricted, where applicable, to this type of roofing material only:

  • Advantages of roof repair in the winter
    • Can prevent any existing issues from magnifying or deteriorating further
    • Warmth provided by the home heating system can actually help adhesion
    • Peace of mind – knowing that the roof will withstand harsh weather still ahead
    • Roofing contractors in Calgary may be more readily/immediately available
    • Pricing may also be more favourable during this potential off-peak period
  • Disadvantages of roof repair in the winter
    • Cold temperatures can affect compressor air flow – may not drive nails in fully
    • Asphalt shingles are less flexible in the cold – risk of breaking or chipping
    • Self-sealing strips may not fully adhere – less protection vs water penetration
    • May need to keep shingles warm until they are installed – could increase cost
    • Valleys are more difficult to install/repair – shingles can crack if bent too far

The overriding factor of having any roof repair done in the winter cannot be overlooked or underestimated – that is, addressing the problem as soon as possible to prevent any additional damage to the home or its contents as well as to avoid unnecessary expenses at a later date.

However, based on the nuances and special considerations related to repairing/replacing a roof during the winter in Calgary, including an urgency to have the work done as soon as possible, homeowners would be well-advised to deal with reputable and experienced Calgary roofing contractors, such as the team from Triumph Roofing.

Use Qualified Roofing Contractors For Any Winter Roof Repair Needs In Calgary

There are undoubtedly some general contractors or independent handymen in Calgary who may be ready-and-willing to offer roof repair services on a moment’s notice. This can be particularly enticing when the homeowner wants to have a roofing issue or issues rectified with some immediacy, and especially during the winter.

However, when Calgary homeowners need roof repair work done, in the winter or any other time of year, there will be significant benefit to relying on the services of qualified roofing contractors. One such contractor in Calgary is Triumph Roofing.

The advantages offered by Triumph Roofing include:

  • Identifying the issue quickly and accurately
  • The experience needed to recommend the right solution
  • Performing the repair with the proper skills and equipment
  • Training to work on a roof in winter conditions (as required)
  • Expert handling of roofing materials in cold temps (as needed)
  • General insurance coverage as well as liability insurance
  • Applicable warranties

Are you in need of rather urgent roof repair this winter? Call the roofing professionals from Triumph Roofing in Calgary today at 403-452-4114 or contact usto arrange an inspection and obtain a quote as soon as possible.

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