Protecting and Prolonging the Life of a Commercial Flat Roof

Value of Regular Inspections of Commercial Flat Roofing in Calgary and Toronto

Flat Roofing ServicesIn the strictest sense, the fundamental purpose of any commercial enterprise is turning a profit.  To achieve this goal on a constant basis, a business must be managed efficiently; this includes, among many other effective business practices, simply being accessible to the general public during its advertised hours of operation.

Sometimes, there will be valid reasons for businesses to be closed unexpectedly, such as an area power outage, a severe snow or ice storm, or perhaps an underground gas leak.  In a vast majority of such cases, the causes are out of the control of the business owner; however, one circumstance that can be prevented is a business closure due to a problem with the roof of the building.

For many reasons, including lower installation cost and ease of maintenance, flat roofing is preferred over pitched roofing for commercial properties.  However, by its very nature, the performance of a flat roof can be affected by constant exposure to seasonal weather extremes, especially those experienced in Calgary, Toronto, and their surrounding areas. Consequently, this can have a detrimental impact on a business, its owner, and its staff.

In the absence of regular flat roof inspections and attention to maintenance, commercial business owners/managers and/or their properties can be subjected to:

  • Loss of revenues
  • Structural damage
  • Personal safety issues
  • Unhealthy work environment
  • Contents or equipment damage/loss
  • A tarnished reputation for the business
  • Impact on building and contents insurance
  • Extensive and expensive emergency repairs

Therefore, there can be significant value to investing time and effort in the inspection of a commercial flat roof on a regular basis.  Some of the signs/indications that there is an existing or pending issue with the flat roofing would include:

  • Pooling of water
  • Detached flashing
  • Torn, loose, separated seams
  • Clogged/blocked gutters/scuppers
  • Blisters or tears in the roofing material

In order to properly protect and prolong the life of their flat roofing, commercial business owners and/or managers in Calgary and Toronto would be well-advised to entrust their inspection and maintenance needs to professional roofing contractors, like the qualified flat roof experts from Triumph Roofing.

Expert Commercial Flat Roofing Installation and Repair in Toronto and Calgary

Flat roof with gravelTriumph Roofing offers business owners more than 25 years of experience in commercial flat roofing, including:

  • New Installations
  • Thorough Inspections
  • Maintenance and Repairs

A cross-section of the commercial flat roofing systems installed and/or maintained by the experts from Triumph Roofing consists of the following:

  • Built-Up Flat Roofing – commonly used for low-slope commercial roofs
  • Single-Ply Flat Roofing – a sole layer of roofing membrane over insulation
  • Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing – suitable in environments with heavy rainfall
  • Inverted Roofing – a standard for decades in the high-rise construction industry
  • Metal Roofing – versatile and long-lasting; used in low-rise commercial buildings
  • Green Roofing and Solar Roofing – for improved air quality, energy consumption

Visit our Commercial Roofing Services page for further insight on the commercial flat roofing services offered by Triumph Roofing in Calgary and Toronto.

To protect and prolong the life of your commercial flat roofing, call the flat roof experts at Triumph Roofing today at 403-452-4114 in Calgary or 416-534-8877 in Toronto or contact us to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection at your earliest convenience.

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