Regular Inspections and Minor Roof Repairs Can Prevent More Serious Issues

Emergency Roofing Services and Roof RepairsSummer weather patterns can produce some of the most idyllic and enjoyable conditions imaginable, from warm and brilliant sunshine to gentle breezes wafting through the trees on a moonlit evening.  Unfortunately, these same patterns can bring some of the most severe storms as well, in turn wreaking havoc on personal property such as landscaping, fencing, and, quite often, the roofing of residential and commercial structures.

For homeowners, their roofs can suffer considerable damage as a result of the blistering heat and fierce storms that are part-and-parcel of the summer months.  As a result, any enjoyment of the summer may get derailed due to the need for immediate roof repairs.

The common reasons for emergency roofing services during the summer include:

  • Replacement of missing, cracked, or broken shingles
  • Flashing leaks – around chimneys, skylights, pipes/vents
  • Damage to the gutter system (including soffits and fascia)
  • Ventilation issues, resulting in dry rot and roof deterioration
  • Structural problems due to insect or small mammal infestation
  • Structural repairs necessitated by fallen tree limbs/flying debris

While homeowners cannot control the weather and are therefore helpless against acts of nature that might damage their roof, there are several precautionary steps that they can take to minimize the potential for emergency roof repairs.  Such steps would be to:

  • Conduct roof and attic inspections – spring, fall, post-storms
  • Trim overhanging tree branches away from roof and gutters
  • Keep gutters and downspout openings free-and-clear of debris
  • Brush away or spray wash dust/dirt from all siding, soffits, vents
  • Perform all minor repairs as soon as possible to avoid larger issues

The need for emergency roofing services is generally unplanned (hence the use of the term emergency).  However, procrastinating when it comes to repairing a roof can prove to be an expensive gamble for homeowners, as this inaction could lead to more serious and extensive structural and personal property damage throughout the coming winter.

It is therefore critically important that the roof not be ignored but rather maintained in a proactive and attentive manner.  For homeowners who may not be comfortable in doing their own roof inspections and/or minor roof repairs, professional services are available through a reputable and reliable roofing contractor like Triumph Roofing.

You May Be Able to Claim a Reimbursement for Emergency Roofing Services

Sometimes, and despite the best intentions and efforts of the homeowner, a roof will be subjected to damage from severe weather, and emergency repairs will be required.  In these instances, the homeowner may be entitled to either full or partial reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of this damage.

Unfortunately, some people might be under the impression that storm damage is simply not covered under their home insurance plan, and though it is entirely possible that this may be true, one should not assume it to be so and disregard pursuing reimbursement altogether.

Therefore, in preparation for making an insurance claim relative to roof repairs due to storm damage, it would be advisable to know/obtain answers to the following questions:

  • What does the policy cover/not cover?
  • What is the time period for filing a claim?
  • What type of documentation will be required?
  • Can any roofing contractor of choice be used?
  • Are any manufacturer warranties still in effect?
  • What do these warranties include and exclude?
  • When was the roof installed? Was the insurer notified?

Although emergency roof repairs can be inconvenient as well as potential costly, their importance should overshadow all other factors.  The roof is the most important part of a home, particularly from the standpoint of protection for the occupants and the contents, and it needs to be treated as such to prevent further and unnecessary issues/expenses.

When the unexpected happens to your roof, 24-hour emergency repair service is just a phone call away.  Call the roofing specialists from Triumph Roofing at 416-700-9658 in Toronto or 403-371-1353 in Calgary and we will be there when you need us!

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