Repair and Maintain Your Low Slope Metal Roof to
Extend Its Life

Waterproofing Can Save You Money

  • Is your metal roof material currently exhibiting signs of age and fatigue?
  • Are you facing energy efficiency issues due to the state of your metal roof?
  • Will financing likely be the only option if your metal roof needs to be replaced?
Waterproof Your Commercial or Agricultural Metal Roof
and Defer or Avoid Expensive Roof Replacement Costs
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Prolong the Life of Your Metal Roof with Waterproofing and Moisture Protection

Simply by their design, commercial and agricultural roofs are continuously exposed to the elements and therefore become susceptible to leaks or other moisture-related damage. This in turn can result in further structural damage, potential safety issues, and costly repair or replacement costs.


Triumph Roofing offers a full line of coatings, waterproofing and moisture-protection products that can have a positive impact on your overall operational budget in several ways, including:

  • Prolonging the life of your existing metal roof
  • Providing better energy efficiency/savings by its reflective quality
  • Deferring the expense of a full roof replacement
  • 10 or 15 year warranty on material and workmanship

Additional advantages of coating your metal roof may be realized in these ways:

  • Enriched curb appeal – a fresh/renewed look for your business
  • Creating a healthier and more comfortable work environment
  • Enhanced safety and protection – for both people and property, including Class A fire rating

Triumph Roofing utilizes the following 2-step process when coating your metal roof:

  • Brush grade and trowel grade coatings for joints and seams, complete with self-adhesive tapes or polyester reinforcements
  • A spray grade coating for consistent, full-surface protection

Standard coatings are available in white, beige, or gray, and specific colour-matching is also an option. This 2-step coating process is effective on many different types of metal roofs.

Protect Your Metal Roof to Prolong its Life and
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