Roof Repair Work Can Be Done Before Winter Arrives

Toronto Roof RepairThere are likely contrasting views about whether roof repair work can be done during the winter in the climates of Toronto and Calgary. While some people will argue that there is an informal or unwritten cut-off date for roof repairs (much like the belief that planting should not be done before the Victoria Day Weekend), others will steadfastly defend that roofing work can be performed at any time of the year.

One way to settle the discussion is to have needed roof repair work done before any nasty winter weather conditions have the opportunity to intensify the debate, whether in Toronto, Calgary, or places in-between. Delaying roof repair work, and waiting until the spring in particular, can result in these potentially serious consequences:

  • Winds/ice can turn minor existing damage into a major repair/total replacement job
  • Ice formation can convert an easily-patchable leak into major structural damage
  • Water damage may be extensive – melting snow can cause leaks when rain may not
  • Repair costs will rise accordingly based on the extensiveness of the winter damage

There are other important reasons to address roof repair needs before winter arrives in full force as well. These are particularly applicable to asphalt shingles, the most widely used and least expensive material for residential roofs.

From a general perspective, overall quality of the roof repair work may suffer due to:

  • Extreme temperatures – jobs may be rushed, with less attention to detail
  • Wind chill factors – could play a role in adhesive properties of the shingles
  • Snow and ice accumulation – may impact footing, liability insurance issues

With specific reference to asphalt shingles, concerns may revolve around:

  • Brittleness of this material in extremely cold temperatures
  • Susceptibility to cracking or breaking during installation
  • Penetration of water/melted snow into these cracks/breaks
  • Expansion of the cracks/breaks if/when the water re-freezes
  • Extensive water penetration and damage as temperatures rise

A need to remove and replace existing asphalt shingles can be detected if the following evidence is present and/or observed:

  • Aging (look for heavy deposits of granules in gutters)
  • Torn or missing shingles
  • Patches of discolouration
  • Shingles buckled in the middle
  • Shingles curled along the edges

If one or more of the above signs are readily apparent, even with minimal inspection, it will be in the homeowner’s best interests to contact a local Toronto or Calgary roofing contractor such as Triumph Roofing to perform appropriate roof repair work before the winter weather begins in earnest.

Determine Your Pre-Winter Roof Repair Needs With a Professional Inspection

Sometimes, roof repair needs are not immediately apparent through either a curbside or rooftop inspection. Furthermore, performing a rooftop inspection could present safety issues for the homeowner, especially if the inspection is conducted in cold and blustery weather conditions.

Triumph Roofing has qualified roofing contractors in Toronto and Calgary, and we have the experience and expertise to conduct an inspection on your behalf. Our crews know where, why, and how most roof repair needs can arise, particularly those that are less obvious/less common in nature. Following the inspection, we can recommend the appropriate actions and provide the work required as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Protect the roof your home from extensive damage before the harsh winter weather arrives. Call the roofing repair professionals today at Triumph Roofing in Calgary (403-452-4114) or Triumph Roofing in Toronto (416-534-8877) or contact us to book your pre-winter inspection as soon as possible.

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