Should Toronto Roofers Be Asked To Do Roof-Overs For Older Shingle Roofs?

Roofers TorontoDepending on slope and size, installing a replacement roof can be a potentially extensive and/or expensive process. As well, the need for roofing services is seldom planned for or anticipated by the majority of homeowners in Toronto, therefore, there can be an element of time involved with researching and hiring professional roofers.

And yet, a roof will show signs of aging and a need for attention/replacement over time, particularly as a result of its repeated exposure to the seasonal weather conditions in the Toronto area. However, based on a variety of factors, homeowners might be inclined to consider or favour a roof-over instead of a complete roof replacement.

The term ‘roof-over’ is frequently used to describe the process of installing another roof directly over a pre-existing roof (usually an older shingled roof) without removing any of the underlying shingles. Homeowners may favour a roof-over for a number of reasons:

  • Cost – there is less labour involved for the roofers
  • Expediency – work can be completed in less time
  • Added insulation for the upper floor of the home
  • A much cleaner process than full removal and replacement
  • Cost (again) – it offers the option of a do-it-yourself project

To determine whether a roof-over is indeed the right solution for an older or aging roof, homeowners need to balance the above-noted advantages with several other considerations or reasons for contracting a roofing service, such as Triumph Roofing, to replace the roof instead. Factors favouring a complete roof replacement would include:

An opportunity to assess the general integrity of the roof

  • Removing the existing shingles permits a full inspection of the entire sub-structure
  • Roofers can uncover and address any underlying issues due to mold, rotting, etc.

Better success rate for locating, repairing, and/or preventing leaks

  • There is no guarantee that roof-overs will resolve/repair an existing leak or leaks
  • The added layer of shingles may make it more difficult to find the source of a leak
  • New shingles may become compromised by dry or damaged older shingles below
  • Flashing or caulking can be properly replaced/installed around vents, pipes, etc.

The overall weight resulting from the roof-over

  • Multiple layers of asphalt shingles can add substantial weight to the roof structure
  • Structure may not support this weight, especially with snowfall levels in Toronto
  • Local building codes may restrict the weight/number of layers of asphalt shingles

Long-term cost-effectiveness

  • New shingles installed over existing shingles are known to have shorter lifespans
  • A roof-over may void the manufacturer’s warranty on the new shingles installed
  • Roof-overs may negatively affect heat dissipation, resulting in higher cooling bills

Despite the short-term advantages of a roof-over in terms of cost and expediency, there are several benefits, both short-term and long-term, to investing in professional roofing services and opting for a complete roof replacement.

However, before making any final decisions on how to proceed, homeowners would be well advised to have their roof fully assessed through an expert roof inspection. When conducting an inspection, Triumph Roofing will provide a conditions report on the:

  • Shingles (or other roofing materials)
  • Sub-structure (or roof decking)
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Flashing, caulking, boots, etc.
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Chimney and other masonry
  • Siding and cladding

Upon completion of this inspection, Triumph Roofing will provide a written assessment of their findings, along with any photographic evidence if/as applicable, along with their recommendation of the best solution to restore your roof to optimal performance levels.

To determine the right action for addressing the roofing repair and maintenance needs for your property, call the professionals at Triumph Roofing today at either 416-534-8877 or contact us to schedule your full roof assessment.

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