The Benefits of Installing Solar Panel Systems for Your Home

Solar Panel Systems Can Provide Several Economic and Environmental Benefits

solar panels installed in a houseOver the last several years, homeowners have been exposed to numerous initiatives that are rooted in improving or protecting our environment.  Recycling programs, emissions testing, and biodegradable packaging are just a few examples of the practices/programs in place today with an eye on greater eco-friendliness.

Additionally, these same homeowners have been looking for ways to modify their energy consumption habits.  While this may also be tied to environmental concerns, it likely has a lot to do with reducing heating/cooling bills in light of the economy.  To this end, many families are making a transition to energy conservation-related initiatives such as high-efficiency furnaces, programmable thermostats, LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs, and other types of low energy-output appliances.

But one aspect that they may not be giving the attention it deserves is the installation of solar panel systems.  By converting to a solar panel system, homeowners can both save on energy consumption/costs plus make their home more environmentally-friendly, too.

There are in fact a number of specific advantages/benefits that can be realized from the installation of solar panel systems.  These would consist of:

  • Cost-efficiencies – reductions in monthly energy bills for many years
  • Energy conservation – less dependency on/consumption of fossil fuels
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts, just an occasional panel cleaning
  • Potential increase in home resale value (due to energy saving aspects)
  • Renewable energy production due to long-term predictability of sunshine
  • Eco-friendly – production of clean electricity (no carbon dioxide emissions)
  • May qualify for home insurance or government eco-energy program rebates

Before investing in the installation of solar panels, homeowners will need to assess many important factors with respect to their home, roof, and property.  Such key questions will include:

  • Is there sufficient area on the roof for an array of solar panels?
  • Does the sun shine on this area for the majority of daylight hours?
  • Do shadows from trees/structures block this area for part of the day?
  • Will the current roof sub-structure withstand the weight of the panels?
  • What is the orientation of this area to the winter sun at the noon hour?

Undoubtedly, precise answers to some if not all of these questions will require the insight of a roofing professional with specific experience and expertise in the installation of solar panel systems.  One such contractor is Triumph Roofing, a leader in the roofing industry with respect to products and initiatives that help reduce the impact on the environment.

The specialists from Triumph Roofing can assist homeowners in determining whether the installation solar panels is a viable option for their home and, if favourable, complete the project in an efficient and effective manner.

Cool Roofs and Green Roofs Are Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Roofing Options

Roofer installing solar panels on a houseIn addition to their expertise in installing solar panels, Triumph Roofing also designs and installs other types of roofing systems that help moderate internal building temperatures and provide environmental benefits; this can be particularly beneficial for structures with flat roofs and a significant amount of square footage and/or a high number of occupants, such as:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial complexes/facilities
  • Multiple-unit residential buildings

Specifically, these additional environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient roofing systems include:

  • Cool Roofs
    • Predominantly white in colour for high solar reflectance
    • Can reduce energy costs by moderating interior climate
    • Extremely durable, with dramatically extended lifespans
  • Green Roofs
    • Consist of low vegetation planted on a waterproof membrane
    • Help to improve air quality in and around the building/structure
    • Financial benefits: longer lifespans and increased property value
    • Can also provide an additional layer for improved noise reduction

To discuss whether solar panels are a viable option for your home, call the installation specialists at Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877 in Toronto or 403-452-4114 in Calgary to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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