The Effects Of Freeze-And-Thaw Cycles That Can Result In Roof Repair Costs

Winter weather and the roof of your residential or commercial property are not the best of friends. In fact, the cold, snow, and ice this past winter in Toronto has undoubtedly strained this ‘relationship’ even further, as many homeowners and business owners are likely facing roof repair costs this spring.

As soon as a roof is installed, its life expectancy begins to diminish – in much the same way that a new car starts to depreciate in value the minute its owner drives it away from the dealership parking lot. It is also natural to assume that your roof will need some repair over time, especially due to the extreme weather cycles, but freeze-and-thaw cycles that occur throughout a winter (a cycle-within-a-cycle) can prematurely shorten the life expectancy of your roof.

Some of the effects of freeze-and-thaw cycles that can lead to roof repair costs include:

  • Thermal shock – Temperature fluctuations causes repeated expansion and contraction that will ultimately impair the strength/structural integrity of roof materials/supports
  • Moisture penetration – Water trapped between the roof and a layer of ice or snow will want to travel and will find its way into cracks/seams and cause leaks or weakening
  • Ice dams – Will inhibit proper drainage and water that collects or pools behind this ice may result in costly roof repairs due to leaks or other water-related damage
  • Cracking or loosening of mortar, caulking, or flashing related with chimneys, vents, skylights, etc. – again due to expansion/contraction caused by temperature swings

It is important to note that temperature fluctuations or swings are not necessarily limited to thermometer readings alone. Roof damage and repair needs can also be caused by freeze-and-thaw cycles that result from continuous contact between cold snow/ice and the warmth of your roof in conjunction with swings in outdoor temperatures.

Common Signs Of Roof Damage As A Result Of Freeze-and-Thaw Cycles

The forces of nature can be particularly detrimental to the roof of a home or commercial property. In some cases, the damage is quite obvious and the repair work required is straightforward – even to the point of a complete roof replacement.

On the other hand, some of the damage may be more delicate in nature, perhaps even hidden from plain sight, and although such damage could be quite extensive it may often go undetected until a full roof replacement by a Toronto roof repair company is the only option remaining.

Here are some of the signs, obvious or more subtle, indicative that some degree of roof repair is imminent for your home or business:

  • Water stains on the interior walls or ceilings
  • Water flowing between the gutters and the edge of the roof
  • Moisture dripping from soffits or fascia
  • Chimneys – cracked or chipped bricks and mortar
  • Loose flashing or vent boots; cracked or missing caulking
  • An inordinate amount of icicle formation on gutters
  • Loose, cracked, chipped, or bubbled (non-flush) shingles
  • Moist or wet insulation in the attic

To determine whether the roof of your residential or commercial property is in need of roof repairs after the freeze-and-thaw cycles of the past winter in Toronto, it is advisable to do a complete roof inspection as soon as possible. You may wish to use the services of a Toronto roof repair company such as Triumph Roofing to complete this inspection on your behalf, for reasons of your personal safety as well as their expertise in identifying the type and extent of any damage, no matter how subtle.

Do you have obvious signs or suspect that your roof may need repair after the severe Toronto winter? If you want a professional roof inspection and a detailed estimate of any roof repairs, call Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877! We can identify what needs to be done and complete the repair work quickly and capably to restore the integrity of your roof.

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