Winter Weather Conditions

Can Lead to the Need for Springtime Roof Repairs

Damaged Roof ShinglesSpring has arrived, not only on the calendar but also in the air, and homeowners can be seen attending to many landscaping and maintenance activities around their respective properties.  Neighbourhoods are filled with the sights and sounds of these undertakings, including those of lawnmower engines, power washers, hammers, drills, chain and power saws, and perhaps aluminum extension ladders.

With reference to this ladder usage, homeowners may be washing windows, cleaning the gutters, trimming trees, or even doing a little painting.  One further and very important maintenance activity requiring the use of a ladder would be to access the roof of their home and conduct an inspection; this is an especially vital home ownership responsibility that should be performed as soon as possible after the winter season.

Why?  Because winter weather conditions in Toronto and Calgary can be rather hard on a roof, regardless of the severity and/or the length of the season.  Any/all of the following conditions can predispose a roof to damage, and hence to a need for repairs, even if the consequences of that damage are not immediately visible or evident:

  • Extremely high winds
  • Formation of ice dams
  • Heavy loads of snow or ice
  • Prolonged cold temperatures
  • Repetitive freeze-and-thaw cycles

Speaking of those consequences, some types of roof-related damage that can occur from exposure to winter weather conditions would consist of:

  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged gutters
  • Chimney leaks or cracks
  • Dried, cracked, missing caulking
  • Chipped, buckled, or missing shingles
  • Rotting of wooden soffits and/or fascia

It is therefore recommended to have a roof inspection performed in the spring in order to identify any issues, either existent or looming, that could result in extensive damage and costly repairs if allowed to proceed indefinitely.  And while homeowners can perform do-it-yourself roof inspections, it may be more prudent – for both safety reasons and an experienced eye – to utilize the services of a professional roofing contractor like Triumph Roofing.

The roof inspection experts from Triumph Roofing have the experience and the training to recognize roof damage/issues caused by winter weather conditions, and subsequently recommend any immediate repairs or preventative measures that will limit or restrict the extent of the problems then, if approved by the homeowner, conduct those repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Some Roof Repair Needs Might Only Be Evident to Roof Inspection Specialists

Clogged & Dirty Copper Rain GutterIf a section of shingles is missing from the roof or a length of eavestroughing is hanging or sagging, the need for repairs can be rather obvious, even from street level.  But many other types of roof-related issues are not so immediately evident, and a closer inspection would be required.

That is why homeowners in Calgary or Toronto may want to consider a professional roof inspection by Triumph Roofing.  The roof inspection and repair specialists from Triumph Roofing will know, in essence, where to look for possible damage, including any signs of issues in-the-making, so to speak.  All of the following areas/materials will be thoroughly inspected:

  • Shingles
  • Flashing/Caulking
  • Soffits and Fascia
  • Gutters/Downspouts
  • Chimneys and Skylights
  • Vents and Exhaust Pipes

For additional information on roof inspections and repair services provided by the team from Triumph Roofing, visit our Residential Roofing page.

There are several aspects to winter weather conditions in Toronto and Calgary that can be detrimental to the integrity of a roof.  Call Triumph Roofing today at 416-534-8877 in Toronto or 403-452-4114 in Calgary or contact us to book a springtime inspection and ensure that any winter-related damage is addressed as soon as possible.

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